iPhone Radiation Dock helps Japan track the impact of nuclear crisis

by Shalu Pillai

Ever since tragedy struck in Japan, the country has been frantically trying various measures to come back on its feet. The latest is a portable Geiger counter that docks with an iPhone. By calling your iPhone, you can listen to the familiar clicks, which indicates the amount of radiation present in a particular area. It expects to act as a tool for citizen scientists to collect information about radiation levels where there currently is no data being collected. RTDN.org, “a collective voice helping others stay informed,” is a website providing an aggregate feed of nuclear radiation data from various sources including government groups, NGOs and citizen scientists, and is behind the project.

Plans include sending out these devices with tech-savvy people, who can help collect and submit information so that anyone — from the average Joe to nuclear scientists — can use it to come up with patterns and solutions. The group is about 1/3 of the way to their $33,000 project goal, and if you would like to help, click here!