iPhone OS 2.2 is expected on Nov 21

by mohsin

Apple rumor mill speculates we will get the iPhone OS 2.2 update sooner than expected. According to a reliable resource, the iPhone OS 2.2 update will be available on November 21. The new feature list does not indicate Copy and Paste function. The last firmware update for the iPhone dropped in mid-September. That update mostly fixed issues with the 3G radio inside the iPhone. Since then, reports about iPhone firmware update 2.2 have been drifting across the Internet on a nearly constant basis. The new features coming with the update are welcome ones indeed. The changes we can expect from an upgrade are over-the-air podcast updates; line-in sound access for developers; and walking directions, public transport info, location sharing, and Street Views within Google Maps.

Many of these features are attached to Google’s Maps for Mobiles product on the iPhone and will greatly improve the user experience and functionality of the software. They have been verified in the current beta version of 2.2. I am still hoping for Apple to surprise announce the Cut and Paste feature as a last minute goodie.

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