iPhone Heart Monitor is not a medical device

by radhika

Another quick trick on the iPhone is the Heart Rate monitor. The app is suitable to find your heart rate using the inbuilt microphone on your iPhone 3G or headphone microphone to listen to and detect your heartbeats. You can use it to find your resting heart rate (a good measure of fitness), track how your heart rate changes and check your heart rate immediately after training. All you need to do is place the iPhone 3G directly over your heart or directly on the pulse in your neck or wrist, and the app will be able to detect the stats.

iPhone App – Heart Monitor from John Ballinger on Vimeo
Of course correct usage is required to garner accurate results. Like if you place the phone on the wrong lung, you sure won’t be detected alive!
Disclaimer: iPhone Heart Monitor is NOT a medical device and should not be used as one.

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