iPhone global Web usage increases up by 58% in one month

by Dhiram Shah

According to preliminary data released on Sunday by Net Applications, an Aliso Viejo, CA-based Web service company, the iPhone 3G web usage has gone up to an all time high from a 0.2% in June to a 0.48% on Aug 23. What that simply means is one out of every 333 Web hits in August came from an iPhone. The iPhone OS, with a 0.30% share, was the fourth-most popular operating system on the Web after Windows (90.69%), Mac OS (7.84%) and Linux (0.92%). Ever since the original iPhone was launched in June 2007 a report published on July 2007 showed that 0.04% of the web’s visitors used an iPhone, this was at the time when 1.4 billion computers were connected to the internet in comparison to 270,000 iPhones.

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