iPhone app allows drones to be cast from 3,000 miles away

by shubha

The day when soldiers could wage war on the battlefield with the aid of Mobile Apps was already imminent. I guess, they were just waiting for an apt timing. The experts at Boeing Co and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have worked together to develop an iPhone application to fly a miniature drone aircraft about 3,000 miles away. All it takes is a few taps and swipes of the operator’s finger seated in Seattle to fly a drone at the baseball MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has developed these apps in order to effectively execute the dirty or dangerous missions that would otherwise have humans be at the controls constantly and tirelessly.

Other companies in the competition are testing their smart devices for remotely working on the war zones. In my opinion, these Apps are prone to hacking, hence securing the authorization would become essential with this kind of accessibility. You know what they say, “With more power comes more responsibility!”

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