iPhone 2.0 software unlocked – Gone in 60 minutes

by Dhiram Shah

Just after an hour of its release the iPhone dev team has cracked the iPhone OS 2.0 software. It took them four months to crack the first one but this one was cracked even before release.
If you were wondering how I was doing push email tests on iPhone OS 2.0 and Vodafone UK, this is the reason why. The code wizard commandos at the iPhone Dev Team have been working on this non-stop since the early days of beta testing. In fact, I had iPhone OS 2.0 running on my iPhone since last week. That was version 5A345, two below 5A347, but identical in functionality.
With the iPhone OS 2.0 out, the iPhone dev team is working on a tool to jailbreak and unlock the iPhones too.
Via – Gizmodo