iPhone3G carbon fibre casing secures it from odd falls

by mohsin

iPhone3G carbon fibre casings secures it from odd falls
Not all of us are as lucky as some who manage to recover a working iPhone after a major fall. Accessory designer maker DRO Concepts have come out with the new Carbon Fiber iPhone 3G Case, which is slim and rigid enough without making your phone look like a brick. It’s made with four layers of materials, the case comes in both Carbon Fiber, and Texalium (an aluminum-coated fiberglass) features an anti-static screen guard and polishing cloth. It is lined with neoprene for added protection, and features a scratch resistant high gloss finish. It allows open access to all ports and controls.

The DRO Concepts Carbon Fiber iPhone 3G Case sells for approx $85. Now all one needs is Kevlar coating to stop a jealous bullet.

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