iPhone case turns your device into a mini vending machine

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve seen a bunch of extremely unconventional iPhone cases before. None of those however have matched up with the likes of this out-of-the-box case we came across recently. Crafted for those who simply can’t get enough of vending machines, this case is designed for the iPhone 4 and the 4S. the case comes with a photo-realistic image of a vending machine, complete with a load of goodies inside including Doritos, Ho-Hos and M&Ms!

Available in white or black, plastic or rubber, these cases are also available in clear plastic. Priced at $15.88 a pop, you can pick out one of these on Etsy. The case gives your iPhone the impression of a mini-vending machine and an iPhone 5 version of the same could be just around the corner!