iPhone 5S rumors seem quite real, arrival early next year

by Gareth Mankoo

The iPhone 5 surely went down with a lot of criticism from fans and taunts from haters. As expected, we can safely place a bet on Apple building a potential recovery measure. What better than another model altogether. The iPhone 5S image you see here may, in all probability be real. This featured on a forum run by iPhone5parts, the device does look like an extension of the iPhone 5. In fact, the similarities with the iPhone 5 are too close for comfort. A fine difference can be noted in the placement of screws within the casing. These changes are a lot minor as compared to the improvement that the iPhone 4S introduced, over the iPhone 4.

We hope that Apple do not make this another minor tweak model for the iPhone. The brand has lost out on a fair amount of loyalty from customers already. To make matters worse for them, Samsung is rumored to be adding a 10-megapixel (or above) camera in the Galaxy S 4.



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