iPads will now assist charter pilots in US

by ruchi

Not that Apple hasn’t had enough already, but this one is yet another feather in its cap. We have seen iPads being used as a hat accessory or even in luxury boutique hotels, but this time it is called upon for some serious work. The Federal Aviation Administration has given Apple tablets a green signal for use as a medium to display navigational charts for some charter pilots.

This decision doesn’t affect airlines as of now, only jets used by Executive Jet Management, a unit of Warren Buffett’s NetJets. What is more suprising to know if that recent reports suggest that Financial services, technology and the healthcare industries are fast adopting this Apple tablet for business use. And it’s just not the business sector; even the government consumption is touted to be around 10.5 percent of iPad activations. Do we see our Apple fan boys gloating and doing the in-your-face-dance for Android?