iPad’s very first iAd is just for Tron Legacy fans

by Shayne Rana

Disney’s upcoming Tron Legacy is generating quite a bit of hype as sci-fi fans are gearing up for what could be the biggest movie of the year. And Apple users are probably getting even more excited as iAd for iPad is for this very movie. This is the first and only iAd that will hit the iPad for 2010 since iAds have been showcased for just the iPhones till now. 2011 could see a flood of iAds hitting the device. Each ad will feature rich graphics, touch navigation and video native to apps. Disney’s Tron Legacy iAd is a full screener and will run in iPad applications like TV Guide. It’ll also feature purchase options for various apps etc. based on the movie, the soundtrack can be previewed or downloaded straight from the ad via iTunes. Interactive ads for mobiles and other devices are the wave of the future for mobile advertising and kind of ads coming up from Apple look totally fresh.