iPad Structure transforms to resemble iPhone

by radhika

The iPad would be a prime example of how market trends influence the way we perceive things and transform them to suit the tastes. When initially unveiled in 2006, the structure resembled the iPod, which was the flavor of the season back then. Now the iPhone rules the roost, hence the transformation. Ready for completion by next year, the residence boasts of some state-of-the-art facilities. Some of the amenities include iArt, which allows the homeowner to digitally download artworks from a server and update their collection periodically. You can even rotate your rooms to catch a better view of the skyline.

The iReality feature will literally transport you to another city or another country anywhere, anytime. You can link your apartment view to the real-time skyline view of any city in the world. Hence the Manhattan view could be yours right there in Dubai.
Via – Designlaunches

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