iPad Hands-Free Page-Turning App Could Help Readers With Physical Disabilities

by iona

We often bring you news of techno-gadgets for people with disabilities – take for instance the mobile phone for deaf people, the iSonic cane that prevents blind people from colliding with obstacles and the potential of the Wii Fit for special needs children. Now it seems that AirTurn’s Bluetooth foot-switch for the iPad is also being touted to help people with disabilities. Originally intended to help musicians, by turning the pages of their digital sheet music with a tap of the foot – hands-free style – others are hailing this as important technology for e-book readers with physical disabilities. For those with a disability that prevents them from turning the pages of a book, AirTurn’s Bluetooth gadget allows you to continue reading the e-book on your iPad by simply tapping your foot. Team it up with the iPad stand or iPad pole and you could be onto a winner.

AirTurn’s Bluetooth foot-switch is due for release at the end of the year.