iPad – 23 storey tower in Dubai inspired by an iPod

by Dhiram Shah

The iPod is a source of inspiration for many as we have seen mobile phones, computer mice and endless MP3 players from the Middle Kingdom resembling the iPod. However beating all is Dubai based real estate developer Omniyat Properties who is planning a mega project for 2007 worth 3 billion Dirhams ($ 800 million) the project will be started with a 23 storey residential tower inspired by none other than the Apple iPod. The tower will be known as the iPad, and it will sit atop a docking station angled at six degrees to give the exact look. The iPad will be ready by 2009 however by then we will have the 5th generation Nano and 9th gen iPod video.
Update – Official images of the iPad scale model. (Thanks Rehan)
More images after the jump

The iPad is designed by Hong Kong-based architects James Law Cybertecture International. We first took the iPad for a joke but the news was published by Gulf News a leading publishing house in the Middle East.


  1. The iPad

    Not much in terms of details here, but we hear Dubai-based real estate developer Omniyat Properties is going to build a $800 million building that’s “inspired” by the iPod. The structure—which will definitely have iPod docks in all the toilets&md…

  2. rommel

    Can anyone say iLawsuit?

  3. Lithic

    I dunno, if I was Apple I’d love them to death for what essentially amounts to a 23 storey billboard and all the associated exposure that is sure to ensue when people hear about this crazy idea.

  4. megaman

    Amazing looking building man…..cooool

  5. Lisa

    Amazing what the idea of a small device has been able to do…congrats to Apple and iPad archis…I which i could buy an apt there…

  6. talata

    this is sweeeeet

  7. Ben B

    The Rooms in the Pad are always rotating !

  8. dubaian

    you can connect your ipod to the swimming pool and there will be music playing IN and around it!! underwater listening!

  9. Amerie

    I want to live here so much!
    When are they available?!
    Info please…immediately!!

  10. gringo

    i like the design…but i dont think it should be compared to and ipod

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