iPad-enabled iBackpack enables cyclists to communicate with drivers

by Gareth Mankoo

Cyclists could totally do with the privileges made available to drivers such as brake lights, turn indicators and rear-view mirrors. Now, however, cyclists will be able to avail of these cool advantages without looking silly. A brilliant design idea has resulted in the creation of the iBackpack, a cool and convenient bag that functions as a communication tool that integrates a tablet and a smartphone via Bluetooth. It uses a special app in enabling the same. The app helps transform a smartphone to be a rear-view mirror, relaying information such as break signals and turn indicators on the tablet, which is visible on the rear. The idea is simply novel. Bikers can also communicate with motorists by displaying smileys on their backpacks. That’s something that may take their concentration off the road but it works well in the bigger picture. The tablet is protected by a built-in transparent window at the rear of the bag. Designed by Soohun Jung, the iBackpack is a sureshot hit with cyclists who are always caught unawares and vulnerable on automobile-dominated streets. A simple swipe can now save a life.





[Via – Psfk]

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