iPad cuts through a car’s bumper like a Ninja Shuriken

by Gareth Mankoo

Little did we wonder about the iPad’s capability to ‘hack’ into anything. However, with time passing by and new versions in development, the cute little gizmo has groomed itself into one deadly weapon. In fact, it’s not proving its fatality creds by sinking into somone’s neck, but into the bumper of a ruddy car! That’s how tough it can prove to be. This happened somewhere in Georgia where a woman realised that a strange object flew at her while she was driving and lodged itself into her cars bumper. This ‘object’ turned out to be the fabled iPad that came toward her with such intensity that it wedged into the metal. What’s stunning is that it still worked! The iPad flicked on at her command and offered her the owners details.

The topic up for consideration remains as to whether the dude paid the kind lady for damages or did he tell her to just keep the damn device. The durability of the iPad has surely won some accolades. Do you have any such dreadful testimonies?



[Via – Geekologie]