iOS users can celebrate with new line of Gameloft releases arriving soon

by Gareth Mankoo

The winter break cannot be all that much a bore after all, with snow threatening to eat up our sallow existence. Gameloft have made sure that we’re going to be truly engaged in our iPhones with some cool gaming titles rolling out soon. The company, that is known for pulling out ‘parodies of console titles’, made it clear that they aren’t going to give their faithful the ditch. First on the list is Shadow Guardian, an adventure game that packs in 600 character animations. On the speed front, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline rolls in with 10 maps, five modes and exciting goodies awaiting to be unlocked. For those who dig the space odyssey, there’s Star Front Collision, a strategy game that has a three way combat between space marine humans, insectoid aliens and an advanced third alien race. Eternal Legacy rolls in next with some exciting 3D graphics and roll-playing bliss with enticing locales. Pulling up the rear is Dungeon Hunter 2, another RPG, whose prequel was a mighty hit.

So there you go. A little bit of something from just about every genre that you can dream of. And then, there’s the occasional surprise from the retailers themselves.