Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset uses your

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen Bone conduction headphones which convert sounds into mechanical vibrations which pass through your skull directly to your auditory nerve. Here is Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset which uses the same technology but in a different way. The headset does not have a microphone and uses the vibrations in your jaw to pick up what you’re saying. It converts your skull’s vibration into sound, leaving all the noise happening around you. So you can talk with your wife from the stadium during the Fifa finals and still be heard loud and clear. the Q7 fits inside your ear without a clip going over it; it has a small rubber piece that bends within the contours of your ear to keep it stable, though it looks strange it is actually very comfortable.

The Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset will be available by end of this year at Radioshack for $ 200.

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