InvisibleSHIELD the ultimate gadget protector

by yogesh

When going on an outing it has now become mandatory for us not to keep our mobile phones in the same pocket where we keep our loose change. Over the years there have been some coverings available as either fancy accessories to the phone or just has a shatter deterrent from a fall. Let’s not forget that no mobile phone can withstand a spur of the moment dive into the swimming pool, that’s unless it has the InvisibleSHIELD on it. It is a patented thin, clear and very durable film that wraps around your precious gadget. Once applied the military-grade film will withstand damage from keys, coins, pens and sharp objects and will not alter screen visibility or resolution which is a common pain with screen guards.

To apply InvisibleSHIELD to your gadget one has to spray the film with the supplied application fluid, and then align it exactly to your device without causing air bubbles, an additional squeegee is provided to help with that. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, although I wonder if something happens to it when we either change the battery or open the device for some reason.

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