InTempo’s RDI is a DAB-enabled iPod speaker dock; available now

by yogesh

InTempo has come out with a new docking station for the iPod. This time around it is device that features built-in dual band DAB digital and FM radio. For those who don’t know DAB is a digital broadcasting spectrum used chiefly in Europe that supposedly offers better audio fidelity and other enhanced features relative to FM. The speakers boast of a 30 watt output, including a 15 watt subwoofer. The 23-key remote control helps you to control all the functions, including the bass and treble. Alternatively you can change the settings manually too. It comes in a sleek piano black finish and is compatible with the iPod family and MP3 players and will play, sync and charge. It also has an alarm with sleep and snooze functions.

InTempo’s DAB-enabled iPod speaker dock is available for £129.99 (about $265) from Amazon, Comet and John Lewis. The RDI will not charge the iPod Shuffle.

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