Intelligent kitchen cabinet to help you while you cook

by shilpa

If you are really lazy and you wish sensors to do your job then you might want to invest in the ‘Intelligent’ kitchen cabinets by Anvil Cabinet and Mill. These are motion sensor-based cabinets that rise vertically to disappear by tying into a whole-house automation system. These cabinets can automatically fold and disappear and all you need to do is snap a finger or wave a hand. This technology allows the doors to rise and fall vertically, concealing or revealing contents. Cabinets can also be programmed to open in unison or individually through pre-programmed scenes like if you are going to bake a cake, then you can click that info in and all the cabinets that have baking stuff will go open.

The system includes an option for biometric security to control access to prescriptions, sharp objects and valuables with fingerprint recognition software. The cabinets will close as you leave the kitchen and has drawers that respond to touch by gliding in and out of the cabinet box with memory that senses the need to close multiple drawers and reverses opening order. It’s interesting… especially for people who have no clue where they have kept what.
Via – [Gizmodiva]

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