‘Intelligent golf balls’ could help in retrieval

by yogesh

Using the same GPS technology employed in cars and mobile phones, ‘Intelligent golf balls’ will be able to help golfers retrieve the lost ball after they hit it haywire. A tiny chip in the ball stores the tracking technology and use satellite technology to track where a golfer tees off and how high and fast the ball travels. Unlike the navigation devices which require instant retrieval of information, the golf balls need not process information straight away. British company Geostate is developing a technology where the setup is much lighter as it doesn’t have to process information straight away. The technology can capture and store a small sample of the GPS satellite signal, which can then be loaded onto a computer at a later time. As a result batteries could last for months.

Eventually these kinds of chips could also be integrated into other everyday sporting items like running shoes or even as animal tags to track a pet’s location.

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