Intel Oak Trail platform enters mass production, doesn’t budge ARM’s confidence

by Gareth Mankoo

A direct competition to the currently inevitable ARM processor line is about to enter the arena, bearing the name Intel ‘Oak Trail’. This platform targets tablets, which are by any means produced in goliath properties these days. It’s said that the platform combines Atom Z670 and SM35 chipset. ARM do not really seem to be reacting to the same with the jest that we are since they’re confident that their processors will own the tablet PC scene just as well. The platform that seems to be all set to make a mark will retail for as little as $25 with MeeGo. For those wanting to stick to Windows 7, there’ll be a higher price to pay.

Says the president of ARM, Tudor Brown, “ARM-designed processors are still expected to remain the dominant technology for tablet PCs for three contributing factors: ARM’s well-established network of silicon partners allowing downstream players to diversify their solution providers, our energy-saving features, and software support around the chip architecture.”

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