Intel Nikiski Concept Laptop shows off its transparent touchpad at CES

by ruchi

Intel’s upcoming Nikiski laptop was something spectators just couldn’t miss at this year’s CES. Though ultrabooks have been a recent rage, this laptop will still grab your attention for it offers something never seen before- slightly strange yet uber cool transparent piece of glass that spans that serves as a palm rest and more. Besides being a palm rest, the glass here also functions as a touchpad when the laptop is open and as a touchscreen display otherwise. Quite neat, huh?!

The touchscreen display features a Metro-style UI and the prototype showed off at CES was running on Windows 7. The glass display will come with an already patented “palm rejection” technology so that your mouse doesn’t go haywire when typing on the keyboard. This one will certainly not cheap owing to the premium attached to the glass novelty here. it is expected to sell for about $700 when it arrives on shelves.

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