Intel also announces 3D TVs with no need for glasses but few limitation bugs still linger

by Shayne Rana

3D is definitely going to be the year’s biggest hit. 3D supported TVs were spread all over this year’s CES event in Las Vegas like cigar ash on a poker table. While there was plenty of ho-hum, conventional style viewing with the 3D glasses showcased, a few companies like China’s TCL actually had 3D TV’s that didn’t require the use of any glasses at all. Intel was one of these guys and their display was set up also seemed to provide a better perspective of these two different 3D vision technologies. Sadly though, in order to ‘enjoy’ this no-glasses 3D you’re going to have to sit in very specific locations in front of the screen at a specific distance. So what we know is that this technology is still a bit of a work in progress but the possibilities are great, the question is, which one of these 3D technologies will be out first and which one will do better.


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