Instacube, the Instagram-dedicated photo frame allows real-time feed interactivity

by Gavril Mankoo

The photo sharing platform Instagram has pretty much won favor with iOS and Android users around the globe today with many budding shutterbugs using the software’s user-friendly effects and capabilities to the fullest. Developer D2M is now crafting a device specially built for the Instagram application called the Instacube, in spirit a digital photo frame that enables users to interact with Instagram feeds in real time. Sporting a 6.5-inch touchscreen, the Instacube packs a 600 x 600 display with 4GB storage and a 256MB RAM. With WiFi connectivity and powered by Android, the Instacube also comes with a heart-shaped button that allows you to “like” photos, with the first 1000 pieces to be priced at a discounted $99.


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