Innoventions Dream Homes from Disneyland

by yogesh

Since Utopia is not possible you may as well indulge in this amazing home called Innoventions Dream Homes from Disneyland. Imagine an abode that is so fine-tuned to the needs of its residents that it anticipates and fulfills every need. A home that is connected with the latest high-tech equipment and keeps the family hooked with each other as well as the world. From June 17th onwards, selected guets at Disneyland will be able to sample the Innoventions Dream Home in Tommorrowland. The home is both a show and a showcase that offeres guests hands-on experience of such an innovative home. Partners in crime, Microsoft, HP, Lifeware and architect Taylor Morrison attempt to show people how a digitalized environment can enhance many aspects of a daily family. The guest will be able to interact with the fictional resident family Elias, who are as excited to welcome the guests and move about room-to-room demonstrating the technologies used in the house.

The family demonstrates:
– Innovations from Microsoft show how a digitalized lifestyle connects families to live and recorded entertainment.
– Connected entertainment devices and PCs from HP help the family to stay hooked with each other and simplify their activities.
– The Wireless technology adapted by Lifeware allows Dream Home’s devices to recognize individual family members and tailor the room according to their individual preferences.
– Design elements from Taylor Morisson on the façade, the patio and party tent areas add to the glam.
A member of the Elias family greets the guests as they approach the front door. After the guests are announced they all gather around to celebrate the son Robbie’s soccer goal that won the team a spot in an international game. The Front Yard shows that how at the touch of a button the family can change the outside appearance of the Dream Home. As they enter the home, the Dm Home “recognizes” each family member; even the dog door recognizes the family dog. The Foyer and the Great Room showcases many of the connected personal features of the home. The Grand Piano at one end can even take a master class. The Coffee Table Book is actually an interactive touchscreen with the contents from the library. The kitchen area features a virtual bulletin board that allows the family members to showcase their various artworks and notes, memos, schedules, photos etc. This fully interconnected Kitchen also has appliances that you can talk to. The fridge or the cupboard, depending on where they are stored, will notify about expired or out-of-stock items. They will put together a shopping list and place it on the virtual bulletin board. The computer voice of “Lillian” provides the recipes for the meals.
The dining table is special too; it’s linked with computers and has a huge interactive surface. When the family puts their mobile phones on the table, photos and videos spill across the screens for all to see. Zoom in or pan out just like how you would use the Surface. The Dining Room table can be used to create artwork, do homework, and solve video puzzles.
The Family Room features a stat of the art home theatre that includes 7.1 surround sound speakers with a 100″ screen and all the movies are stored in the media center.
The Dream Home Office has a desk and chair inspired by Walt Disney’s own Studio Office. The 3-D printer allows Robbie to receive a congratulatory 3-D gift as well.
The Teen Daughter’s Room lets her hook on to friends and entertainment easily. She can change the posters and pictures as per her whims. The virtual Magic Mirror projects her accessories and clothes from her wardrobe and lets her try out new virtual hairstyles.
Robbie’s Room is what every boy would always want. His bed is shaped like a pirate ship and if you sit on it, it beings to relate the Peter Pan Story. Of course special effects, video and lightings are included in the story. They can be seen on the ship’s sails, walls and fixtures. Like you may hear Tinker Bell whiz by or even shoot cannon balls though the virtual clouds on the ceiling.
The Backyard, Courtyard and Party Tent
The Courtyard and Backyard feature a sumptuous barbeque, and includes a flat-screen monitor that dispenses barbecuing instructions. Inside the Party Tent, guests get a chance to build their own virtual Dream Home. It gives them a more hands-on experience to the fascinating applications that are available in Innoventions Dream Home.
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