Infinite Loop Tablet/Phone Stand perches your tablet anywhere, on anything

by Gareth Mankoo

If you’ve got an expensive device then why not make the most of it everywhere it matters, anytime you would like it to matter? That’s what the makers of the Infinite Loop Tablet/Phone Stand would believe in when they set out to make this extremely ergonomic, portable and sensible stand for tablets and smartphones of this age. What makes the Infinite Loop stand so special is its ability to mould into any shape and if you need it for anything else you could use the suction caps, adjustable side clips and is basically a a four feet long plastic-coated wire. Once you’re done using it, the whole stand can be rolled up into a circle.

Tim Gushue is the man behind the project and needs up to $27,500 to come out with the stand that could pretty much be the universal solution for as many tablets and phones you could think of. If you donate more than $19, you’d be in the pre-order queue automatically.