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India’s cheapest car comes to US at $3,000

by Gareth Mankoo

India has seen the benefits of the cheapest car that makes quite a populous on road. The car, called the Tata Nano is quite a ride if you want to take you family of four out. The manufacturer also excels in the development of trucks, vans, buses, and so forth. However, they have shrunk their field of thought to a car that’s just rightly minimalist and utility. It uses a 37-horsepower twin cylinder engine. The car, designed to compete against two-wheelers doesn’t pack certain necessary safety ‘frills’.

The current record of the cheapest car is held by the Nissan Versa that costs $12,770. The Nano can beat it with a score of $3,000. Sweet.

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  1. carl

    a car that cost that much doesnt sound like a safe car

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