In-car rear-view mirror goes Bluetooth, adds everything

by Gareth Mankoo

What can you do to pimp up a mirror in a car? Simply add a world of features that come in with the Complete Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit. What you get is an impressive package of goodies that include GPS, a 4.3-inch touch-sensitive interface, a DVR, a wireless camera and a media player. This means that the mirror has no blind-spot issues when you reverse and pretty much covers everything that you need to see. The GPS is empowered by a SIRF Atlas VI chip and a Centrality Atlas 4 dual-core 500MHz processor.

Picking this one up from Chinavasion will also get you a free 4GB microSD card and a 4GB SD card, for free. $200 is a good rate to pay after all.

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