In Soviet Russia old computers illuminate you

by Dhiram Shah

Using 41 monitors and 76 processor units a Russian designer has made this incredibly cool hi-tech wall.
Every monitor energizes 60-70 Watts per hour, and every processor-unit – about 300-600. In the final analysis the whole construction energizes 246060 – 48090 WPH or approximately 25-28 kilowatts per hour. By the way, AA class fridges “eat” about 160 WPH or 2,88 kilowatts per day. That is that this energy can keep your food fresh for 8,5-16,7 days!) Or your coffee machine can gladden you with delicious coffee for 6 months!) Or it can illuminate your room during the whole year, 24 hours a day!
[The backside is pictured after the jump and it is not that pretty]

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