In the works: Supersonic jet that will fly you from London to Sydney in 4 hours

by bharat

Supersonic jet isn’t a new concept; we’ve seen a few prototypes made and some in the works waiting to be realized in the near future. Joining ranks of the latter is this new concord successor, a supersonic jet that is being made to easily fly between London and Sydney in four hours. The ultra-fast concept passenger plane, codenamed X-54, which is believed to be on display at the Farnborough air show in July, is a collective effort of aviation engineers from Boeing, Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin and this designing force is being assisted by NASA.

The supersonic luxury jet, courtesy its smaller fuselage, advanced engine and composite material built could fly passengers at speeds of over 2,485mph (approx. 4000km/h). The jet’s very low sonic boom that engineer describe as closer to a “puff or plop”, is what will make the X-51 unlike the Concorde, which had loud sonic boom that kept it out of the league of a favorable passenger plane. This one of its kind supersonic commercial passenger jet isn’t expected to fly anytime before 2020.



    • Not for long, if things in the way of NASA

  1. David Evans

    That design was on Lockheed Martin’s website in July 2010. New?

    • It is an old design but there are plans to commercialize it.


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