The Importance of Registering and Hosting Your Own Domain

by Dhiram Shah

Web hosting is a crucial first step when creating a website. A web hosting provider will host your website; publishing it on the internet. As a service web hosting incorporates file storage for your website and website traffic. Many also provide addition services such as technical assistance, email provision, firewall protection, website tools and domain name registration.

Domain providers are companies that sell domain name registrations to the public. This is usually on a yearly subscription basis, although longer term contracts are available. However many companies, like 1and1, offer a good webhosting and domain registration service as a comprehensive package.

When registering your domain name, you will be asked for specific contact information. Ensure your registration agent registers your domain name either in the name of your business or in your own name. This is important as it makes you the domain name holder, giving you/your business authority where you require changes subsequent to registration. Moreover the registration agent you choose should run you through the billing requirements, administration after care and associated costs, renewal intervals and other technical details related to your chosen domain name. It must also be stressed that you will need to facilitate your registration renewals prior to expiry to ensure your website continues uninterrupted.

Another area to consider is registering and protecting a domain name. Usually domain names are registered by a registration agent like an internet service provider (ISP). The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) oversees this process. However there are over 1500 companies who act as accredited registrars for ICANN, each with their own individual contractual terms and conditions. Therefore it is essential that the domain is registered in your name or the name of your company. This means that either you (or your company) are classed as holder of your domain name. ICANN is the body who is responsible for disputes between domain name holders. However the individual registrars are almost certain to take no responsibility for name disputes. Legally in a domain name dispute the party able to evidence the greater claim to the name will prove the victor. Such a litigious exercise will prove time consuming and expensive, consequently is better avoided

Within the UK, following the Companies Act 2006 section 66, company names may not be the same or similar to one already in existence. A simple process concludes any issue here; accessing Companies House online web check service, which allows companies names to be checked free of charge. Any objections to the use of a particular name are appraised by a company names adjudicator, based at the UK Intellectual Property Office. From the point of view of marketing your business online, the more similar names that exist, the harder effective marketing may prove.

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