Immervision announces new super wide-angle 125° FoV Panomorph Lens with highest resolution for smartphones

by dhiram

Immervision, today announced the industry’s first super wide-angle 125° field-of-view (FoV) with highest resolution and image clarity edge-to-edge panomorph lens for smartphone and consumer camera manufacturers. Immervision is a Montréal-based developer and licensor of patented, wide-angle optic and imaging technology. OFILM is the first camera module manufacturer (CMM) to offer this lens with the SONY IMX471 16 Megapixel sensor for smartphone cameras. With combined super wide-angle FoV, a low f-number, good relative illumination and superior image quality at the edges, this lens combination distinguishes itself easily from lower-quality competitors in the market.

The use of Immervision patented optical technology help maintain a competitive small-size ratio for lens assemblies, while insuring unchallenged quality. The panomorph optic is the most advanced wide-angle lens. The lens has wide coverage with magnification ratio adjusting resolution (pixel density) in predefined zones of interest. Magnification can be added to any desired location in any application. Panomorph lenses aren’t only restricted to a hemispheric field of view. The wide coverage can vary from 80° to 360°.

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