iMaria an app which gives a playmate at your disposal

by iona

Just when the sad and lonely world of computer geekdom couldn’t seem to get any sadder and lonelier, up pops iMaria, iTunes latest offering for nerds who can only dream of a glamour model girlfriend. iMaria is happy to stay at home and cook, requires minimal upkeep, little financial input and has a plethora of gorgeous friends for you to ogle on the beach – definitely virtual reality! Marketed as a virtual English girlfriend with a cute accent and a great personality, iTunes had to go to Croatia to find a lady hot enough to fit the bill for iMaria. iMaria, isn’t as saucy as she seems, though. Thanks to iTunes no-porn rules and iMaria’s 12 certificate, the extent of the fun you can have with your virtual girlfriend is pretty much limited to watching her peel virtual potatoes in the virtual kitchen.

iMaria costs $0.99 on iTunes and is available for ages 12 and up.

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