iMacs now used as Ceiling Lamps color up your illuminations

by Gareth Mankoo

The classic iMac has moulded itself into several avatars. This includes the aquarium and the hamster cage. However, what has really got us talking is the new means of recycling old iMacs and bringing the best out of them, even as they fade into non-existence. Jenny Serwyo works with a company called G Adventures. That’s where she snapped these amazing lamps that are actually classic iMacs that have now moulded into something useful, as their original specs rendered them useless with time. The translucent shades, mixed with the attractive shades that made the casing, this makes a really interesting idea for a lamp.

G Adventures has these installed in their offices in Toronto and Ontario, in Canada. It would serve even better to have a former collage of differently colored iMacs so that you can illuminate your little geek den with the right amount of hue and light. The image here is thoroughly Instagram’d.

[Via – Technabob]

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