iLogic Sound Hat – A funky cap with earphones inside

by mohsin

I am not that much a fan of clothing to perform the tasks of wiring my gadgets, for the simple reason that I would not want to wear a jacket when it is hot as hell. However using a pair of headphones surely discomforts you when it is cold and you cannot wear a hat on the headphones. The earphones don’t exactly stick to your ears when you manage yourself in a crowed train. The iLogic Sound Hat is a rather cool solution for those who live cooler climatic areas. The iLogic allows you to throw away those headphones and uses a standard 3.5mm jack to attach to a multitude of devices. The iLogic Sound hat will cost you approx $28 to enjoy uncluttered travelling. The hat is made from 100% polyester and can be hand-washed warm.

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