IllumiBowl lights up the pot, saves stray sprays of pee

by Gareth Mankoo

It isn’t uncommon to be awakened mid-slumber by a bladder that’s every too demanding. That’s the time we bravely tread to the toilet with the confidence of a sharp shooter and do our business without bothering to put the light on. Of course, who’d like a flash of bright light when you’ve not recovered from the mid-dream wake-up call? What follows is a morning of repentance as your toilet seat tells no tales, just shows you how bad your pelvic aim is. Which is why, it isn’t a bad idea to have a soft illumination around the toilet bowl that self-activates when you’re ready to do your business. The IllumiBowl is something that makes things right and hey, it also offers a multi-hued lighting option to go with your décor.

The IllumiBowl is basically an accessory for your regular toilet. It can be attached to the rim and does a good job in ensuring that you are well aware of where you’re peeing. The best part? It costs $13, which is a steal deal for all the whining and repentance that you could avert.


[ Via : Incrediblethings ]

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