IKEA helps you fight your tangled cable woes

by Gareth Mankoo

IKEA are known for their innovative, sleek and space-saving ideas in furniture. So when you set out to impress the world with their powerful brand identity, everyone knows you’re the cooler kind. Much to their annoyance, the guys at IKEA were faced with the perplexity of too many cables to manage, in their TV units. The Uppleva, by IKEA, is an all-in-one TV and stand combination. Basically, furniture built with a TV inside it, is precisely how we can describe it. It includes a Blu-ray player, surround sound with a wireless sub-woofer, HDMI and USB ports, FM radio and Internet connectivity.

The all-in-one will cost you a little under a thousand bucks, this winter. $960, to be precise.