IKEA SOCKER mini greenhouse enables you to nurture plants at home!

by Gavril Mankoo

What keeps most of us from finally embracing our gardening dreams? The fact that a having a greenhouse at home these days is virtually impossible, given that more and more of us are leaving the country-side for smaller apartments in urban jungles. IKEA however has a way out. The furniture retailer has recently shown-off its latest green innovation, the SOCKER mini greenhouse. This little greenhouse is literally little and can fit atop a table. Designed to look like a full-sized greenhouse, the SOCKER mini greenhouse easily opens via a hatch set into the peaked roof.

The roof hatch lets in fresh air for the plants you place inside the SOCKER and helps with circulation. When the interiors of the mini greenhouse gets too hot, users simply need to open up the roof hatch, to let in cool air. The plants can also be watered via this opening in the SOCKER’s roof. IKEA’s brainchild can be used to raise houseplants or seedlings and provides an insulated environment for the plants inside to thrive. Priced at just about $19.99, the IKEA SOCKER mini greenhouse is a perfect addition for your home, particularly if you desperately need the company of little green living beings.