iFun turns your iPhone into a Wiimote like controller

by mohsin

SGN had previously created golf, bowling and other accelerometer-based games for the iPhone and iPod Touch (as well as a number of Facebook word and other games). Now they have come out with a new game, iGolf. This is the first game on the company’s iFun platform, which lets you use an accelerometer-equipped handheld as a controller for a Web-based game in a desktop browser. In other words, this is the first game that the technology turns the iPhone or iPod Touch into a Wii-like controller. Of course, you have to worry about possibly throwing your iPhone/iPod touch when you do this. Nintendo got in some trouble following the launch of the Wii because some people were losing their grips on their controllers. Nintendo actually had to released new arm straps and controller body gloves for free to customers to offset these problems

The Flash-based game is the first in SGN’s new iFun lineup, taking advantage of the accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod Touch to bring handheld gaming to the big screen. The iPhone can be connected via Wi-Fi or 3G or EDGE. iFun will be available for free by tomorrow in the App Store.

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