Ice Candy Shaped Tsu Chi Watch to beat the Risk of Heat Stroke

by Sayan Chakravarty

With the already rising temperature and now that summer’s approaching fast, how do you plan to escape the scalding heat? A Japanese company called Harada Industry Co. Ltd. Has come up with a product named “Tsu Chi watch portable heat index apparatus skinny you.” The Ice Candy themed device has sensors which calculate humidity and temperature, it has pre-set values of Japan Weather Association heat index in it and issues warning to the user of a possible heat stroke.

It has five different levels of warning to indicate the degree of risk. It has a button which allows the user to check the readings manually or it can be set to automatic which checks the temp at an interval of 10 minutes. It measures 83 × 42 × 18mm (h x w × d) and weighs about 23g, it’s priced at 2,310 Yen ($23).


[Via – Watch-Impress]