IBM’s 5-year predictions on how your 5 senses will enhance

by Gareth Mankoo

IBM plays prophet as they go on and express their opinion on what technology in the next five years is likely to be. We should take their word seriously as these are the ones who make or break some of the most significant developments in technology, with their integrated chip expertise and monopoly.


Haptic touch would well bring the sensation of touching a thing, person, part of a person or anything else for real. This would mean that you could sit in the comfort of your home while you enjoy the simulation of stroking a camel in Arabia.


Giving computers the ability to watch us from an overview perspective and diagnose issues like diseases is quite a brilliant value add that the future could hold. IBM are already at work on a similar technology. We could be like bots in a game with parameters that determine factors like our health and other stats. Exciting!


Computers begin hearing and change the way we treat precaution. There is expected to be a phenomenal development in this field, which will see computers picking up sounds that are not normal and notifying humans about the same. This could spruce up security and safety in a highly uncertain world.


The tongue is what drives us to make those bad decisions of eating unhealthy food. We ought to keep it happy but at the same time ensure that we aren’t crossing the red line. An algorithm that detects the finest taste with optimal dietary nutrition is what can make all the difference in the world. We’re looking forward to such an innovation to change the way we enjoy food.


How long must we trouble man’s best friend to sniff out bombs, cancerous cells or even smelly socks? It’s time that computers and devices learn to smell on their own. This could change the way we use and abuse our pooches. Other advantages that such a technology promises is improving hygiene, better sanitation or even detect diseases.

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