IBM working towards devloping computer like the human brain

by Shayne Rana

At this year’s supercomputing conference, big brain IBM announced that they’ve made significant progress in creating a computer system that can actually simulate and emulate our own brain’s ability for sensation, perception, action, interaction and cognition, while rivaling the brain’s low power and energy consumption and compact size. What we’re talking about here is honest to goodness A.I. the capability of a computer system to learn and react to external stimulation and even think for itself. These advancements will provide a unique workbench for exploring the computational dynamics of the brain, and stand to move the team closer to its goal of building a compact, low-power synaptronic chip using nanotechnology and advances in phase change memory and magnetic tunnel junctions. Computer technology is making headways in all directions and the microchip is just becoming smaller and smaller.

With Nanotechnology also steadily becoming a reality things aren’t getting complicated but it seems like science fiction isn’t going to be fiction anymore. I’m all in favor of progress but if this can realistically come to pass, which it seems like it might and I know it was just a movie, but aren’t we bordering on a Terminator style scenario where IBM plays the key role of Cyberdyne Systems? Or worse still are we looking at the beginning of, dare I say it… the Matrix, or are we there already and just haven’t realized it.

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