iAntiVirus – Easy and free Antivirus for Mac users

by mohsin

Usually Mac Antivirus software’s waste valuable time on scanning for anti viruses designed for the Windows platform, but PC Tools’ iAntiVirus is different to other Mac security products. It is specifically designed for the Mac, which means it does not contain any unnecessary information about Windows-based threats – this ensures that the product is lightweight and its memory footprint and system resource usage is kept to a minimum. Besides guarding solely against Mac malware, the program also offers free and commercial versions, unlike a number of rivals. Since detecting and removing malware isn’t something that most people understand, the program offers a simple user interface with two main buttons. One lets you scan for viruses, and the second lets you turn real-time protection on or off. Other than that, the software functions like any other antivirus, placing detected infections in quarantine, allowing you to also view and restore items, and so on.

The free version is meant for individuals, while the commercial version ($29.95) is meant for businesses and includes 24/7 support.

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