Hyundai Nuvis is a cool Hybrid Concept with a taste of the future

by Gareth Mankoo

Given the rise of encroachment of Hyundai cars into American car sheds, this move doesn’t come as a surprise. Hyundai have gone on to gift their American patrons another stunning hybrid concept car called the Nuvis. This is one of those concepts that stun you more with the interior styling as compared to the exteriors dashing, Lamborghini-like exteriors. It is powered up by an eco-friendly 2.4 liter Theta II engine and has the joy of a six speed drive in store for those who are lucky enough to get behind that wheel.

There are indeed very few people who would complain if they were given a 40 hp electric engine vehicle. After all we haven’t seen too many rides coming along with the “Hybrid” tag. The Nuvis is a California-designed which made its debut at the New Your Auto Show.

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