Hyundai makes big move into exoskeleton business with super-capable suits

by Gareth Mankoo

Exoskeleton suits aren’t a novelty anymore. They are being worked on by a number of companies that are vying for acceptance and eventual progress onto the supply chain. But other than slightly increasing the wearer’s lifting capability these suits let you do so much more. Basically a better version of the H-LEX wearable walking assistant, the suit can help lifters carry weights in hundreds of kilograms. This can empower those working in professions that demand lifting as well as soldiers. The spine and the legs of the user are strapped to the user, which means that it can offer exceptional capabilities to paraplegics and handicapped users as well.

This initiative is part of Hyundai’s ‘Next Mobility’ system that will influence the way people move and interact with things. Given that it is Hyundai behind this move, we can expect a major play on the mobility aspect of the suits. With the speed and the lifting capability of these amazing exoskeleton suits, there’s a good chance that these could lead to some serious superhero gear.

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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