Hypersonic future jet to fly at Mach 4 with 100 passengers!

by Gareth Mankoo

When the future comes, we will know. Because now there exists something we can look forward to as a tangible evidence of a future world that we’re constantly shaping and reshaping with rapid advancements. It’s a jet that can pack enough seating capability to transport 100 passengers across the earth, quicker than anything we’ve known. It’s called the ZEHST (or Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport.). The aircraft will fly 20 miles above the surface of the blue planet and will surely make life so much easier. To sum the speed attributes up in two words we can say, Mach 4. Speeds of over 3,000 miles per hour may seem inhuman for now but we’re hoping that the hypersonic jet does the job.

The ZEHST concept jet will use 3 different types of engines. The rocket engines will be used for flights that are at a substantial altitude, ramjet engines (that are normally used in missiles) will be used to boost the plane’s speeds to cross the 3,000 mph mark, and conventional jet engines will be used for take-off and landing.

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