Hydrogen cellphone batteries can power-up iPhones for a week

by Gareth Mankoo

Intelligent Energy is introducing a hydrogen fuel cell charger that takes care of your cellphone’s battery for a week. Keeping an iPhone charged for an entire week is saying something. The technology is a scaled down version of the hydrogen fuel cells used in eco-friendly automobiles. The battery combines oxygen and hydrogen to produce energy with water vapor and heat as a by-product. The unit is sleek enough to retain the good looks of your iPhone and offers air vents to let the heat out. CEO of Intelligent Energy, Henri Winand told Telegraph that this could well be the first such effort, ever.

Intelligent Energy made it to the headlines with their Upp external charger winning a gold Edison award. It presently retails for $234. This model is larger and can accommodate sufficient charge to power up up to five cellphones at a time. The company is shifting its focus towards powering other portable devices including laptops. We wish them godspeed in their efforts to make a cleaner, more convenient future for our technology needs.

[Via – Inhabitat]