HYBRID W-ZERO3 WinMo slider looks real ‘Sharp’ for Japanese

by Shayne Rana

A new Windows Mobile handset made by Sharp for a Japanese service provider called the HYBRID W-ZERO3 (love the name) seems like it’s capable of making quite a stir come January of 2010. This large slider handset seems to be showcasing a very well laid out UI on top of a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS on its 3.5-inch touchscreen display (480 × 854 pixels). It’s equipped with a Qualcomm 528MHz CPU. It also has a 5 megapixel camera, on board GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, MicroSD card support for external memory and Infra red for some reason. All of this packed into package that has dimensions of 53 × 120 × 16.9mm and weighs in at 158g. It seems like a good deal but the chances of it hitting shelves on any of the other continents or land masses is really slim.

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